NPS Score - Do you poll your audience and what's your NPS score best practices?


How often are you polling your audience to get an NPS score and what best practices would you recommend on this?


Just to preface, I mostly run digital events for our customers, so we act kind of as a moderator and middleman since we’re a publisher. It’s all B2B. We don’t use NPS per-se, but have our own internal system that tracks target company teams/groups and analyzes their current trends to try to ascertain their current position in our buyer’s journey. The poll data, attendance, engagement, and questions all contribute to our analysis which is done with some AI/ML and by data analysts.

In terms of polling, I always poll in the first 15-20 minutes, even if it is 3-4 polls. If I’m polling towards the end I enable the sound option and make sure our presenter talks about the poll multiple times to get people back to answer it. In the beginning the presenter will normally read the poll and prompt attendees, move on to more information, then come back to cover the results. If we don’t use the audible notification at the end of presentations, we see a decrease in poll responses of 40-60% at times, but even with the notification we still get significantly less towards the end.

We also poll on the registration page and leave an open text box for pre-event questions. We collect 5-6 informational fields and then we will do 1-3 prequal questions for our customer if requested and the open-form question box so we’ve already got these people pretty narrowed down.

I’m not sure I answered the question, but maybe this will provide some helpful information in terms of polling methods and collection.